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There are many disadvantages to traditional wallets. Leather or even fabric ones tend to deteriorate over time, sometimes lasting barely a year before needing to be replaced. They also usually don’t protect your cards from pickpockets who can contactless-scan them. That’s why many people carry both a wallet and a cardholder, even though that’s very inconvenient. Traditional wallets also have limited space for cards, which is not ideal in the highly digitalized world.

Luckily, there is a new type of cardholder in the market that will please both traditionalists and innovators alike – Karben!

What makes Karben so special?

Any disadvantage that a regular wallet has – Karben doesn’t. It’s very compact and lightweight, so it won’t take much space and can even be carried around on a lanyard. It is also made of long-lasting and durable carbon fiber, which is light yet capable of withstanding drops and scratches. Karben also has enough space for up to 12 cards, not even counting the cash clip – so you can keep everything in one place. Finally, RFID protection guarantees that none of your cards can be scanned by pickpockets. So, throw that old unreliable wallet away – Karben is here to help you protect your money.

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Protect your money in style! For a limited time, Karben cardholder wallet is available 50% OFF!

Karben can be purchased in 4 SIMPLE steps:

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