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Pickpockets are adapting to the increasingly cashless world by employing modern technology to steal from you. With Contactless intelligent devices, they are able to take money out of your card with a simple brush against your handbag, backpack, or wallet. And such devices don’t even cost a lot! No matter how thick you think your wallet is, it probably doesn’t have RFID protection. But Karben does! This innovative and classy wallet will protect your cards from financial and identity theft and look good on whoever owns it.


Have you ever had an issue finding a place to safely store your wallet while going out? Did you ever have to mingle in the crowd risking pickpockets attempting to steal from you? Does your current wallet feel way too heavy, or doesn’t even have enough space to store all of your cards? To all of these issues, there is one solution – Karben. Made of sturdy, military-grade carbon fiber, this innovative wallet/cardholder is compact, extremely durable, and very light. It can survive drops and scratches and should keep your cards safe even if you sit on it. It also has RFID-blocking technology, so no one will be able to steal money or personal information from your cards! And best of all? Karben can store up to 12 cards and also keep your cash safe, so say goodbye to your heavy and bulky old wallet – everything you’ll need will be right by your side.


  • Carbon fiber exterior: carbon fiber is used in the car industry for its lighter-than-aluminum weight and sturdy durability. If you have ever seen a car getting crash tested – that’s how safe your cards will be.
  • RFID-blocking: thieves have found a new way to steal, even from those who never carry cash. But Karben can protect your money from anyone attempting to steal it.
  • Compact and lightweight: one of the main issues when going out is finding a safe space to store your wallet. But Karben is not only extra compact but also has a lanyard hoop, so you can carry it around even if you don’t have pockets.
  • Holds 12 cards: forget about those bulky wallets with a maximum of 8 card slots – Karben can fit up to twelve cards and even has a cash clip, so you could keep all of your money and documents with you.
  • Stylish design: it can be difficult to find a wallet that wouldn’t be ugly. But Karben’s stylish and minimalist exterior will complement anyone’s personal style.
  • Excellent offer: forget about leather wallets that get worn off in a year or two. Karben is durable and long-lasting, so you’ll get an unmatched quality for a very reasonable price. Besides, if you’ll feel that it is not for you, the company offers a 30-day guarantee.


A better question would be – do you want to keep your money safe and look good doing so? If yes, then the only option is Karben. It’s compact and stylish, suitable even on a night out or when you have no pockets and can fit an impressive number of cards – perfect for a modern person. It is also made of the same material that car makers use to make their automobiles lighter and safer for drivers. Carbon fiber is more lightweight and more durable than aluminum, and with RFID-blocking technology, your valuables will be kept extra safe. Say goodbye to old-fashioned wallets – say hello to the future!


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Karben is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.